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Update December 5th, 2011:  Today, One57, the most talked about New York City development since 15 Central Park West and the Time Warner Building, has launched sales. One57 is 90-story glass tower that overlooks Central Park.  The developer, Extell, has released a number of units in its first offering, so if you would like more information about a particular unit in the building, to schedule a visit or to receive future updates on the project, please contact us.

One57, New York’s tallest residential tower, is expected to be completed in 2013, but sales will begin soon. Here is the breakdown as we understand it with regards to the number of units available, apartment sizes, and most importantly, the asking prices.

8 one-bedrooms from $3.065 (1,021 sq. ft.) to $4.25 million (1,351 sq. ft.)

22 two-bedrooms from $5.955 (1,985 sq. ft.) to $9.5 million (2,289 sq. ft.)

37 three-bedrooms from $9.75 (2,370 sq. ft.) to $29.5 million (4,483 sq. ft.)

25 four-bedrooms from $16.3 (3,466 sq. ft.) to $52.5 million (6,240 sq. ft.)

1 five-bedroom for $16.75 (4,603 sq. ft.)

2 six-bedroom penthouses from $90.5 (10,923 sq. ft.) to $98.5 million (13,544 sq. ft.)

What does all this mean on a price per square foot basis?  Well, prices per square foot work out to between $3,000 and $8,413 per sq. ft.

While these prices might look outrageous to some (given that the average Condo in New York sells for around $1,200 per square foot and the average Luxury Condo sells for around $2,000 per square foot in Q3 2011), recent sales in the tony Time Warner Building at $6,335 per square foot for PH-76B and 15 Central Park West condo at $7,903 per square foot for 27-A and $10,259 per square foot for PH-41B, One57’s prices don’t look too out of the ordinary; do they?

Residences will be on the top 60 floors and the Park Hyatt Hotel will occupy the lower 30 floors, offering owners first class hotel services.

This information was reported on by The Real Deal, which obtained its information from Extell’s Schedule A. To be informed of further updates about One57, please click here.


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