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Apartment hunting is rarely done in isolation. It’s a collaborative process between husband and wife, partners, and sometimes even the kids get a chance to add some input. As opposed to having one party do all the searching, note taking, and bookmarking, only to rehash the details to their partner later, BuyFolio is a convenient way to share the search information in one place.

Manhattan Miami makes use of the BuyFolio system. Its clients have found that this easy-to-use hub makes house hunting in New York more convenient when multiple interests are involved. You can save and track properties, and leave notes as you go along. Instead of multiple tabs, you can organize your properties simply by dragging and dropping them into your portfolio. BuyFolio comes equipped with a powerful and an intuitive search engine that makes finding exactly the right fit that much easier. It helps that BuyFolio contains the largest database of properties in Manhattan. The map-based search makes it possible to look by location, price, or size, without having to constantly cross-reference.

Being able to keep track of properties, make notes, and ‘discuss’ with partners online helps to streamline the process when buyers are considering multiple options and working in conjunction with an agent. Nothing is dependent on the memory of one person, and there are no scribbled bits of paper to lose. Even the New York Times has lauded the practicality of the BuyFolio system when searching New York Real Estate.

The intuitive interface is part of what makes BuyFolio so attractive to buyers. After reviewing a property listing suggested by an agent, simply drag and drop the listing from to the To See section below or delete the listing. After viewings of the physical property, simply drag and drop the listing to the Saw and Liked Section or delete it. Buyers and agents can share their opinions or ask questions directly in BuyFolio. Even if searching on a different real estate site, BuyFolio allows you to incorporate the new listing you find by copying the URL into your folio.

For those looking for properties in Manhattan, feel free to use the BuyFolio on Manhattan Miami’s website. If you are reading this on your iPad or Smartphone, you can start right away, as the BuyFolio app is compatible with all devices.


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