Manhattan Is For the Birds… (Dogs And Cats Too)


Being a pet owner can be a labor of love. It’s not always easy to find a building that will take you and your animal companions. Strict no pet policies in some new condos, a lack of nearby pet-friendly amenities, and hostile neighbors can make moving into a new home with Fido a tricky feat. For those who seek the best of both worlds, luxury real estate in Manhattan and the freedom to have pets, it is good to know that there is help out there. You only need to see all the dog dishes under the tables on Amsterdam Avenue to know that pets are loved dearly in Manhattan, you just need to know where.

There is nothing worse than having your poor pet pace the shiny floors of your luxury apartment, or get into your furniture, while you are away at work or running errands. To address the needs of the wealthy professional, Manhattan offers a host of day cares and activities for pets to enjoy when you’re busy.

To take a quick tour of pet friendly Manhattan, our first stop is The Spot Experience on West 72nd Street. This doggy day care is a place where dogs can spend the day sunning, running, napping and visiting other doggy friends. On staff there are trainers, handlers, walkers, groomers and even pet psychologists to ensure that your dog gets the pampering it deserves. The environment is as Zen as possible, with the goal of being completely bark-free. The Spot Experience opens at the crack of dawn and also welcomes furry friends on weekends and evenings.

Visitors from other countries will be amazed at how pet friendly Manhattan can be. There are whole websites devoted to restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with your dog. According to, there are 282 restaurants in New York where you can dine with your dog. Central Park is an amazing place to take your pet for a walk, or spend the afternoon playing fetch. There are courses you can take to learn how to make your own home cooked pet food. In Manhattan, there are even lavish weddings for pets.

Well-to-do New Yorker Wendy Diamond hosted the world’s most expensive wedding ever held for a pet. Ms. Diamond is the editor of Animal Fair magazine, and when her dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she decided that a celebration of her life was in order. Lucky, the dog, will be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive pet wedding, an event valued at $140,000. Everything from the music to the flowers to the dresses were donated, however, so the event didn’t actually set Ms. Diamond back at all. And Lucky is still looking for her groom.

In some cities, like Hong Kong or Beijing, it is very uncommon to see people with pets any bigger than a goldfish. Eastern cities are not quite comfortable with the idea of having pets amidst their luxury towers. However, in Manhattan, pets are welcome wholeheartedly, even in the most expensive areas, as long as you know where to look.



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