How Does Manhattan Influence The Imagination?


Is your spouse a blossoming artist? Perhaps your daughter is dancing on the fringes of fame? Maybe your own talents have not been fully actualized. What any gifted auteur needs is a city to inspire: an enchanting canvas with a history for grooming the greatest minds.

The prospect of moving to a foreign land is much more appealing knowing the life-changing potential of Manhattan.

Time and again, Manhattan has been the tipping point to greatness. And it could be just what your family needs to find an opportunity, an audience, or the connections to take their craft to the next level.

Salvador Dali. Andy Warhol. Jackson Pollock. Many famous creative types have made Manhattan their home after finding modest success overseas, or in other parts of the country. How did living in one of the most vibrant places on earth, and an epicenter of the arts, affect their creativity?

Dali had his first visit to New York in 1934. So enamored was he by the city that he returned to the United States in 1940 to evade the war in France. He lived in New York for eight years. He held a series of surreal exhibitions and had many famous friends. The vibrant art scene all around his Manhattan apartment inspired him to put down the brush and pick up the pen, and even try his hand at films with Alfred Hitchcock. According to Robert and Nicolas Descharnes, “he never stopped writing” during this time. His works included an autobiography, a novel about fashion for cars, and catalogs for his gallery showpieces.

Pollock exploded into international fame when he first arrived in New York. Although too volatile to live in a Manhattan apartment by himself, he was able to take his career to new heights thanks to invaluable connections within the New York art scene.

Warhol went from modest success as a commercial painter to becoming the father of Pop Art. The catalyst was New York City. He needed to surround himself with other wildly inventive minds that could only be found in New York. He soon converted his Manhattan apartment into a ‘factory’ where he had artists from all walks working around the clock to produce cutting-edge masterpieces.

When you talk to your Manhattan realtor, ask them what they know about the history of a neighborhood. What inspiration struck Warhol in this building? Are there landmarks that you can draw your own inspiration from? Are there places you can bring your family to fill them with wonder and pride that they have moved to one of the greatest, and most dynamic cities in the world?

Many famous artists, writers, actors, directors and socialites have had their life changed from living in New York. Owing real estate in Manhattan meant everything to them. Dali’s painting, Manhattan Skyline was just stolen (and returned) to a Manhattan gallery. It is appraised at $150k. Andy Warhol can attribute his acclaimed Manhattan ‘Factories’ to where he generated more than just art, but movements. One just needs to look at modern stars like Madonna and Bono, to see how living in Manhattan changed the course of their artistic direction.

The catalyst for artistic greatness is also known to Manhattan realtors, armed with this knowledge, you can inspire the heart of even the most homesick artistic teen.



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