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You could define ‘fame’ as when people are talking about you. But imagine the pressure of being watched, with great interest, from countries all over the world simultaneously. That’s the price of being a legend. The richest, most powerful, and most influential people on earth have taken stock in the rise of a building that has attracted billionaires, survived savage storms, repaired notorious cranes, and garnered gallons of press ink, even before its birth. One57 is the world’s newest star. Its most prestigious, expensive, and exclusive suites have not even been built yet. Yet the world is talking. Let’s find out what they’re saying.

In Canada, the damage to the crane working on the building, and the impending drama around its precarious hanging, was big news. It is almost as if this reporting was very symbolic of Sandy’s impartial destruction. Interestingly, the Canadian’s described One57’s elite potential by its vicinity, as opposed to its height. “The nearly completed high-rise is known as One57 and is in one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods, near Carnegie Hall, Columbus Circle and Central Park.” Not one mention of its size or views.

In New York, they chronicled a survival story. The East Coast had just survived one of the worst storms in the country’s history. Sally ravaged Manhattan, and One57 was not without its battle scars. The crane outside of the building was struck by the storm, and like an actor injured on set, there was no end to the press about its wellbeing. This only helped to add to its celebrity. At last news, the crane has been secured, and it will soon be back to work.

China, even after the storm and the crane-dangling incident, was talking about how One57 was a tower that could attract the ‘super rich’. The record-holding title was important: One57 will be the tallest building in the world to host residential suites. Price records are important too, and with the sale of the penthouse for over $90 million, new city sales records were set as well. It is also the world’s most exclusive club. They call it the ‘Billionaires’ Club’ – the world’s hardest club to enter. It is also a place to safeguard wealth for long-term plans. To quantify One57 by these statistics alone, there is no question – in China’s eye, One57 is the #1 building in the world.

In England, they describe the most desirable location in the world as a building  “which is set to be luxury flats”. In Singapore it’s a “US$1.5 billion (S$1.8 billion) luxury high-rise in midtown Manhattan” In India it’s called a “global billionaires’ club” because the nine full-floor apartments near the top have all been sold to billionaires. Among them are two duplexes under contract for more than $90 million each.

We wonder what the world will be saying about the soon to rise ultra-luxury 432 Park Avenue when the world catches on to its recent launch. How this building will be portrayed internationally will be critical to its success. After visits to the sales office and analysis of its detailed plans, we have no doubt that 432 Park Avenue will be at least as famous as One57.

How many buildings have achieved international fame? When you own a piece of a legacy, it’s like owning a piece of art. The prestige alone is enough to secure undiminished interest.



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