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New York Tech Boom is Here To Stay


Technology is playing a greater role in New York City’s job market and, consequently, in the New York Real Estate market. A recent study found that New York’s Silicon Alley has almost 300,000 jobs in its high-tech “ecosystem,” which includes both tech and non-tech jobs from programmers to sales reps. These jobs pay almost 50%

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UK Introduces 28 Percent Capital Gains Tax on Foreign Investors


  New taxes on property investments introduced in the United Kingdom may dull London’s appeal to foreign investors. One such tax is the capital gains tax. Unlike other nations, the UK does not impose any capital gains tax on non-residents when selling an investment property. This has long been a huge advantage in attracting residential investment

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Manhattan’s Next Top Models Flock to Billionaire’s Row


  Super-tall, thin, sexy and elegant! One would think I was referring to the latest runway models at fashion week, but, actually, I am referring to the new super-tall, ultra-luxurious towers rising, or set to rise, from 950 to 1,550 feet tall along 57 Street (and its environs) from Park Avenue to Broadway, now dubbed by

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520 Park Avenue


The newest proposed tower of the bunch, 520 Park Avenue, is being developed by the Zeckendorf’s, the same team behind 15 Central Park West, 18 Gramercy Park and 50 United Nations Plaza. Its’ 31 units will rise only 51-stories, making it by far the shortest of the bunch. However, given that it sits on a

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432 Park Avenue


Set to be one of the very tallest residential buildings in New York at a height of 1,398 feet, 432 Park Avenue will tower above all of its neighbors, including 520 Park Avenue, which lies three blocks north and is only 781 feet tall. The building sits directly south of the Four Season’s Hotel –

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Tower Verre (aka MoMa Tower)


Tower Verre has been resurrected after the financial crisis put a damper on its plans to go vertical. We expect the building to rise 1,050 feet tall into the New York skyline, a bit shorter than its original 1,250-foot design. According to the WSJ, the tower will rise 72 stories and feature 145 ultra-luxury condos,

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111 West 57 Street


The skinniest tower of them all, if not in the world, is 111 West 57 Street, located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in New York. At a height of 1,350 feet, it sits on a lot that is only 60 feet wide (or 18 meters). Incredibly slender, every unit in the tower, which starts on

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One 57


Opened for occupancy in early 2014, One57 is currently the tallest residential building in all of Manhattan and the first of all the UL-7 buildings available for occupancy.  One57 will soon lose its title as tallest residential building to most of the other UL-7.  One57, however, was the true pioneer of the ultra-luxury tower and

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217 West 57 Street

57 Street NY Flats & Condos For Sale

Extell’s second ultra-luxury development along 57th Street, 217 West 57, will rise just one Avenue due West of One57, which was also developed by Extell. At a potential height of 1,550 feet, the building will tower over both, its sister building, One57, and its soon-to-be-neighbor to the north, 220 Central Park South, by at least

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220 Central Park South


Set on Central Park between Seventh Avenue and Broadway, 220 Central Park South is one of the most promising contenders of all the buildings in the Ultra Luxury-7 (UL-7) along the 57th Street corridor in New York, as it has some of the best DNA out of the bunch. First, it boasts permanently unobstructed views

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