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The benefit of the Manhattan Tailored Search option is that we do all the searching for the buyer, so the buyer doesn’t have to bother. We know the best buildings, and with a little upfront guidance (e.g., price, size, parameters, preferred neighborhoods, etc.), we can find the buyer a great selection of properties very quickly.

For the Manhattan Tailored Search option, we use BuyFolio, an easy-to-use web tool that will keep the buyer organized in their search for a property. The benefits of using the BuyFolio web tool include:

  • View and organize your folio of properties.
  • See listing photos and add your own pictures.
  • View the latest status, price, and open houses.
  • Respond to new comments as you discuss listings.
  • Categorize the listings you like and don’t like.
  • View maps, listing details, and more.

We will add new listings and then let our clients compare and categorize listings, and communicate with us as the folio becomes the hub of the buyer’s home search. Price changes and status updates (i.e., contract signed, off the market, sold, etc.) are automatically updated in the folio.

Properties in your folio can be discussed individually. We can share our knowledge and opinions about a listing, a building, the market and more, right in the BuyFolio system. Keep in mind that understanding the buyer’s thoughts and opinions will help us recommend better-matched properties.


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