Fisher Island Real Estate


Fisher Island Real Estate

Anyone wanting an exclusive home in a beautiful and sunny location should look at Fisher Island real estate. Not everyone can afford to live in this secluded Miami location due to its high prices, but it is very scenic and exclusive. While it is secluded, it is still close to the action of Miami Beach and Downtown Miami. With one of the highest per capita income levels in United States, this neighborhood is indeed exclusive with only a few hundred houses, condominiums or apartments available. This means that very few Fisher Island real estate properties are available, leading to homes that cost millions of dollars to purchase. There are no bridges or roads leading to the tiny island, requiring anyone traveling there to use a ferry or boat instead.

With a rich history that includes the Vanderbilt family, the island has only allowed new development since the 1960s. Strict building regulations are in effect on the island with most homes built during the 1980s having a Spanish architectural style reminiscent of the earliest structures on the island. This is a favorite place for famous people to live because of its secluded location away from adoring fans. There are large mansions, apartment buildings and hotels for visitors. The island has one private elementary school, making it a viable location for families with children to live.

Visually, the area is gorgeous with sandy beaches, mangroves and coconut palms. The island is tiny, making it easy to travel by bicycle, on foot or with golf carts. The Fisher Island Club, a luxury resort and hotel on the island is a great place to stay while visiting to view several properties with one of our agents. With access to a day spa, tennis club and nearby beach, this is an excellent way to determine if the island is where someone wants to live full time or during vacations.

The newest place to live on this island is the Palazzo Del Sol with units available for sale or rent. The Palazzo Del Sol condominium development is where many wealthy individuals are seeking a home in a year-round warm climate away from snow and ice.

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