781 Fifth Avenue – The Sherry Netherland

Located at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, The Sherry sits serenely at the very epicenter of The City. Across the Street from The Plaza, just down the Street from The Pierre and, of course, there is Central Park at it’s doorstep. Elegance personified, the Sherry has been home to many of the international communities’ most admired citizens.

Built in 1927 as a world-class hotel and converted in 1954 to cooperative ownership, the Sherry features a base of travertine marble which gives way to a dark-brick facade that soars 38 stories to it’s crowning glory, a delightful copper crown, now green with the passage of time. Gargoyles protrude from it’s crown, looking for all the world as if they were about to swoop down to the Pond in Central Park. The gargoyles’ cousins, magnificent griffins, hold the fantastical lanterns that grace the building at street level. Homes have hotel maid service twice a day, and hungry residents can order their meals from Cipriani’s, located directly downstairs. After a wonderful dinner, one can proceed directly to Doubles, the private club on the downstairs floor of the building for after-dinner entertainment. The Sherry Netherland, a world-class residence for citizens of the world.

  • Current Price: from $1,895,000 to $86,000,000
781 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

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