Marketing Your Property


To be certain that the seller’s property is marketed in the most effective ways possible, we will ensure that the seller’s listing reaches the broadest audience possible. We do this by networking with other brokers, developing attractive and effective electronic and printed marketing materials, hosting open houses for both real estate brokers and buyers, developing direct-mail campaigns and most importantly gaining maximum web exposure through various prominent websites including our own site,

Local Agent and Broker Networking

The seller’s property is co-brokered with every single real estate firm in Manhattan and will be made available to all 28,000 real estate agents licensed to do business here in New York.

In over 90% of sales, an agent other than the listing agent will bring the buyer. Therefore, it is critical for the seller’s agent to reach the entity responsible for finding you a buyer: the brokerage community.

Open Houses

We will host open houses targeting the brokerage community to which we bring in real estate brokers to view the home.

We will also hold regularly scheduled general open houses to inform and educate the general public about the seller’s property.

Develop Marketing Materials

We only use professional photographs and floor plans of the properties that we market. We will also develop other professional promotional materials.

Web Exposure

90% of buyers use the internet as an integral part of their home search process. Therefore, every listing will be prominently displayed on:

  • (On-Line Residential)
  • (Real Estate Board of New York) Listing Service

And, if the seller’s property is priced over $2,000,000, it will automatically be placed on the most prominent luxury real estate websites:

  • (by The Robb Report)

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is an effective method of generating interest in a seller’s property. We have proprietary mailing lists with over 400,000 potential buyers to whom we will distribute the seller’s listings.